Loud & Proud – Company Brings Locomotive Noise To You

Loud & Proud – Company Brings Locomotive Noise To You

Most car lovers, who love to customize their rigs, trailers and anything else, usually go for interior and exterior aesthetics. Some typical changes like paint, upholstery, tires, wheels, suspension, brake and engine mods are usually pretty high on the list of must-haves. What about the sound of your car? Sure the muffler and engine can take care of that, but I am talking about your vehicle’s “calling card.” The horn.
If your car or truck screams “I’m bad-ass!” with customizations, your horn needs to represent too.

Mobile Audio Masters

Power Train Horns nestled in Bakersfield, Cali(fornia) are the pros who bring the sound to you. Via their mobile van, they come fully equipped to take your vehicle’s meow and turn it into a jungle cat roar. With over 20 years of car sound expertise, this team of audio artists knows the ins and outs of bringing new life into most any car horn. Though their shop in downtown Bakersfield mostly accommodates pre-scheduled appointments and some drop in work, their mobility accounts for 75% of business. As a matter of fact, another van is scheduled to begin rolling by late summer to pick up overflow business.

Repeat orders for Power Train Horns also come from classic, and custom car dealers, owners as well as specialty truck manufacturers. They have even installed their works into a fleet of trucks, and clown cars for a well-known circus, so you know they are legit. Honk! Honk!

It’s All In The Sound

Believe it or not, you just can’t throw a generic sound into any vehicle and expect it to sound street fierce. Power Train Horns first evaluates the vehicle in looks and present horn sound. Then they consult with you to hear your expectations and desires to generate a horn tone which will compliment not clash. The shop and mobile van both contain a high-end, state of the art sound studio, to custom blend tones, pitches to make the sound which can either say “Get out of my way!” or “Hey good looking!”

Even the office staff know a thing or two about sound because most of them are musicians or audio engineers, so they can just about answer any of your most pressing questions. If you can’t make it into the shop or need to schedule a free in-store or mobile consultation feel free to reach out here and one of the experts will contact you today.