King of the Shop: 6 Essential Tools For Mobile Auto Detailers

King of the Shop: 6 Essential Tools For Mobile Auto Detailers

More than Just Passion

Auto detailers are never in the profession for just money. Because auto detailing takes meticulous detail and patience, it is a labor of love. However, even the most passionate auto detailer is nothing without a set of good tools. After all, a chef can make the best food in the world, but without a stove and a pan how can the food be made? Mobile auto detailing can be even trickier without the right tools. However, with the right compressors, airbrushes, and other tools of the trade an auto detailer can go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Below are six basic tools that are essential for all mobile auto detailers.

Good Wax

The majority of customers looking to get their car detailed are looking for that new, fresh out of the lot look. While a good car wash can get you halfway there, a simple car waxing can get a car looking like new. But waxing is not a way to get a car looking beautiful; it is also crucial to keeping your car’s paint in mint condition. While waxing the car weekly is not necessary since most newer cars have a protective coat of paint over the base color, Popular Mechanics suggests waxing it at least four times a year. This will protect the coat and give it the new-car-shine for as long as you have the car.

Good Paint & Paint Sealant

Every auto owner has dinged their car at some point. Fixes to those dings are a big driver in the auto detailing business, so it is important for auto detailers to carry quality paint, as well as paint sealant. Although most dealership paint is quality, sealant is as important as wax for extending the life of your car’s paint.

Tire Dressing

Other than customizing the rims, the tire is not generally thought of in the auto detailing process. However, the tires bear the brunt of the damage done to the car, and worn tires can make an otherwise nice-looking car seem dull. Making sure that the tires are prepped and dressed properly each time you detail a car can not only extend the life of the car, but also leave it looking new and clean. Therefore, it is important to offer this service to customers and make sure that only the best tire dressing is offered.

Buffers, Polishers and Rags

The lowly applicator is often one of the most important tools for an auto detailer. The wrong type can do a sub-par job, or even damage the car itself. Microfiber rags and buffers are suggested, as they provide the best damage with the least impact.

Steam Cleaner

One of the most coveted parts of a new car is the “new car smell”. Not only does it smell amazing, but with it comes the association of an interior free of crumbs, grease and stains. When customers get their interior detailed, they expect it to be professional. While finding an easily portable steam cleaner can be hard, it is worth it in the end when the customer gets to experience the luxury of a clean interior.

Air Compressor

As was said before, tire maintenance is important to the overall look of the car. Even though it may not seem like an important thing to have, an air compressor is crucial to auto detailing and tire maintenance. While finding the best air compressors is a matter of preference, looking through ones for sale will help take the stress out of the purchase, and there are sites out there to help narrow the choices down.


Without tools, an artist is powerless. So make sure to consider these tools in your collection before you start your detailing venture!