Our All-Time Favorite Truck Customizations

Our All-Time Favorite Truck Customizations

Customization Isn’t For Everyone

Cars and trucks will vary in size, shape and syle, one thing is for certain : no two vehicles are ever the same. With roof racks, bumper stickers, interior seat covers and more, customization doesn’t need to be all about the exterior. However, if you can master the exterior of your car, chances are you will be turning heads around town. But customization isn’t for everyone, and chances are you’ve seen a car that someone tried to paint with regular spray paint or do something else to in an effort to stand out. Usually, these customizations don’t look very good at all. That being said, here are our favorite truck customization styles of all-time, and why we like them!

Custom Camper Additions

For many Americans, having a truck is synonymous with being outdoors. Whether that means farming or camping, one thing is for sure: custom campers have become stylish and affordable additions to trucks. What is even more exciting is when a rogue handyman can create their own camper and have it still look good and not reduce gas mileage. While it does fit with the homemade-chic that is so popular, it can also look incredibly rugged, complimenting an already-rugged looking vehicle.

Lift Kits

Especially if you do any sort of outdoor travel in the west, you will encounter roads that were not meant for the everyday car. In Utah, some wagon roads still exist that no stubborn Subaru owner will be able to make it down without bottoming their car out. Lift kits are excellent opportunities for truck owners, who already have high-clearance vehicles. With a lift kit (and some decent tires) the truck owner can master the back roads.

Winches and Headlights

Of course, if you are a backcountry traveler and you are bringing your truck along for the tow, it is important to think about how you can “get out of the mud” when you get stuck. We have seen some incredible winch additions to trucks, and they don’t necessarily need to stick out like a sore thumb. While lift kits and rugged tires can help you over high-clearance roads, a winch kit can get you unstuck when you encounter mud and sand. Additionally, having the right headlights can keep you out of sticky situations.

Fusion Bumpers

All of these things don’t keep in mind that sometimes the regular truck owner does not want to make a modification to their truck that will cause them to lose the overall look of the truck. Adding headlights to a regular bumper can look messy, and winches and regular bumpers don’t always mix. Protecting the front end of the truck is very important, and fusion bumpers can add both style and protection to any truck. Taking a look at fusion bumpers for sale is important before making a decision on one, though.


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