Sites I Like

Sites I Like

Automotive Training Centres offers some pretty simple ideas to customize your car.

Classic Car Community features a complete directory of car clubs across the country.

Love to Know is a lifestyle site that features articles on auto customization.

Popular Mechanic is an awesome resource for all things auto and tech. Check out their tips on fixing up car interiors.

Refined Guy is a cool site for dudes and includes some great ways to customize your ride.

The Dollar Stretcher compares the best auto clubs and gives you tips on which ones are worth joining.

ULTRA Wheel Company has an awesome configurator to customize your ride and see how it will look.

UnionPlus talks about motor clubs for union members. is a pretty complete auto resource and has some sweet tips on customizing your vehicle.

Your Mechanic has great advice and tips on car repairs and customization.

Your Cool Links

If you have a cool site that will fit in, yell at me and I’ll throw yours up on the list!