Write for Me

Write for Me

Seeking Cool People to Write

If you’re a cool dude like me (Jesus Cera, remember?), or hey, a cool chick, you should consider writing for me. All I ask is that you know how to string a sentence together and have some legit knowledge to throw down about auto customization or auto clubs. Simple, right? Don’t worry, this isn’t the part where I trick you and say, “WRONG!” It’s legit that simple.

Auto Clubs & Customization

I love meeting people in the auto customization and auto club industry, or anything related to automotives, really. Don’t like writing? I bet you can drum up a few words if you think about it this way: you have an auto shop? You pimp out rides on the regular? Maybe you’re a leader in a killer auto club? If you answered yes to any of those, or have some other related business endeavor, you should drop some lines for me. You know why? If you write and throw down some words here, it’s free promotion for your auto hustle. Just like that.

So yell at me if you want to write for me. I’ll get solid content from an industry insider, and you’ll get free biz buzz. It’s a win-win.